Bentonite Powder

Bentonite Powder is a clay mineral which is largely composed of Montmorillonite, which is mainly a hydrous aluminum silicate. It is highly colloidal and plastic clay with the unique characteristic of swelling to several times its original volume when placed in water. Mining then begins by removing the overburden from the mineral deposit with the use of large earth movers. The overburden is then stockpiled nearby for reclamation after the Bentonite has been removed from the bed. When contact with the bed is made, extreme care is taken to avoid contaminating the mineral deposit with the overburden, thus insuring the highest quality raw material. Care must also be taken to conserve as much Sodium Bentonite as possible when trimming the overburden from the Bentonite. When all the Bentonite has been removed from the bed, reclamation can begin. The surface of the mine site must be returned to equal or superior condition. The habitat for plant and animal is very important as are all other environmental considerations.



The Bentonite from each bed is stockpiled and thoroughly tested to insure the highest quality for all our products. It is then carefully dried and ground to meet all the product specifications. The finished product is stored in silos to await packaging and shipping to our or perspective customers

  Chemical formula   Al2O34SiO2H2O
  Chemical composition (Typical)
  Titanium Oxide TiO2    01.25
  Ferric Oxide Fe2O3    10.91
  Silica SiO2    54.26
  Aluminum Al2O3   18.34
  Physical Characteristics (Typical)
  Specific Gravity    2.4
  pH (OF 10% Aqueous Solution)    8 to 8.8
  Bulk Density (tapped) gms / cc    0.6

>Searching for superb quality Bentonite Powder? We Relemac India are the one-stop destination for you. Bentonite is widely reckoned as Montmorillonite is a perfect binding agent that is easily found in the natural state. It is mined in the Kutch district of Gujarat and Barmar district of Rajasthan India. We use three roller mills as well as pulverize unit to process Bentonite that is utilized in number of applications. Bentonite Clay Powder is available in different quantities and packing suiting to the needs of our customers. We are considered as one of the most prominent Bentonite Mineral Powder Manufacturers and Suppliers from India.

The quality we are offering to our customers:-

High bond Super bond A grade

High bond : In all Bentonite variety our High bond has high swelling and gelling properties along with good viscosity and liquid limit and Very fine particle size

Fulfilling the parameter of IS 2911 And MOST

Test Procedure: as per IS 6186 : 1971 / IS 12584 : 1989
  Carried out   Test value
 1. Sand content % by mess   0.5 to 0.9 %
 2. Swelling index, ml As per IS -2911    
  (A) Dry volume   10.4
  (B) Swelled volume   30 ml
 3. Liquid limit + % by mass (As per IS -2911)   405 to 425 %
  Testing method IS 2720 Part V    
 4. Density, gm/ml   1.07 to 1.1
 5. Gel index   50
 6. PH (2G/100 ml)   10.5
 7. Dry fineness   200 meshes (92%)
 8. Viscosity by marsh funnels   37 to 50 seconds

A grade : Extra-ordinary swelling capacity and bonding powers along with good viscosity and liquid limit and Very fine particle size as per IS 2911

Test Procedure: as per IS 6186 : 1971 / IS 12584 : 1989
  Carried out   Test value
 1. Sand content % by mess   0.9 to 1.5 %
 2. Swelling index, ml ( As per IS -2911)    
  (A) Dry volume   10.2
  (B) Swelled volume   28 ml
 3. Liquid limit + % by mass (As per IS -2911)   295 to 330 %
 4. Density, gm/ml   1.06
 5. Gel index   50
 6. PH (2G/100 ml)   9
 7. Dry fineness   200 meshes

Grade of Bentonite Powder

Construction and Civil Engineering : Bentonite in civil engineering applications is used traditionally as a thixotropic, support and lubricant agent in diaphragm walls and foundations, in tunneling, in horizontal directional drilling and pipe jacking. Bentonite, due to its viscosity and plasticity, also is used in Portland cement and mortars.

Environmental Markets : Bentonite adsorption / absorption properties are very useful for waste water purification. Common environmental directives recommend low permeability soils, which naturally should contain Bentonite, as a sealing material in the construction and rehabilitation of land fills to ensure the protection of groundwater from the pollutants.Bentonite is the active protective layer of geo synthetic clay liners.

Drilling : Another conventional use of Bentonite is as a mud constituent for oil and water well drilling. Its roles are mainly to seal the borehole walls, to remove drill cuttings and to lubricate the cutting head.

Oils / Food Markets : Bentonite is utilized in the removal of impurities in oils where its adsorptive properties are crucial in the processing of edible oils and fats(Soya / palm / canola oil). In drinks such as beer, wine and mineral water, and in products like sugar or honey, Bentonite is used as clarification agent.

Agriculture : Bentonite is used as an animal feed supplement, as a pelletizing aid in the production of animal feed pellets, as well as a flow ability aid for unconsolidated feed ingredients such as soy meal. It also is used as an ion exchanger for improvement and conditioning of the soil. When thermally treated, it can beused as a porous ceramic carrier for various herbicides and pesticides.

Detergents : Laundry detergents and liquid hand cleansers / soaps rely on the inclusion of Bentonite, in order to remove the impurities in solvents and to soften the fabrics.

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics : Bentonite is used as filler in pharmaceuticals, and due to its absorption / adsorption functions, it allows paste formation. Such applications include industrial protective creams, calamine lotion, wet compresses, and ant irritants for eczema. In medicine, Bentonite is used as antidote in heavy metal poisoning. Personal care products such as mud packs, sunburn paint, baby and face powders, and face creams may all contain Bentonite.

Some other applications are as follows

In addition the applications of Bentonite are